Johnny Manziel Had Beer Poured On Him at a Texas Frat Party, Was Asked to Leave [Video]


Johnny Manziel attended a fraternity party at the University of Texas on Friday night, albeit briefly. According to a report, the Heisman Trophy winner was thrown out “quickly and harshly” in the form of beer cans being tossed at him and friendly screams of “get the f*** out.”

A guy like Johnny Football attending a frat party on foreign soil with what appears to be just one friend in tow feels colossally stupid, even for a 20-year-old. He’s lucky the only damaging thing to happen was getting some beer on his pink shirt.

The ballad of Johnny Drama continues at a feverish pace.

Bonus: Here he is at the party holding a Keystone Light. For shame, young Flanagan:

[via Burnt Orange Nation]

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