Johnny Manziel Had a Jolly Christmas [VIDEO]

Ryan Glasspiegel
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A Merry Manziel Christmas.

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This video of Johnny Manziel rapping along to March Madness by Future (“dirty soda in a styrofoam”), allegedly enjoying a Four Loko, and dabbing on Christmas comes by way of Busted Coverage. We’ve been over this several times, and I’m sure will face dissent from some readers for choosing to run this video.

Manziel went to rehab last summer, and avoided charges in a domestic incident that occurred after he’d been drinking during the day. In light of his performance on the field coupled with off-field distractions his roster spot is precarious. If he is unable or unwilling to abstain from drinking, he should, at the very least, be able to keep his partying off of social media—which he was again unable to do this week.

It’s barely been a month since the last time we went through this. He was named starter, resolved he wouldn’t do anything to embarrass the organization, showed up in a DJ’s video in Austin on TMZ, and got benched for Austin Davis.

Manziel, after spending his birthday alone with his dog, was named starting quarterback again, and summarily signed a fan’s $100 bill before a game. He’ll undoubtedly continue to say all the right things, but appear in any number of partying videos this offseason, and the Browns will continue to tolerate or they won’t.