Johnny Manziel Dropped By Agent Erik Burkhardt

Ryan Glasspiegel

Johnny Manziel, who has had a tumultuous past few months even for him, has been let go by his agent, Erik Burkhardt. Adam Schefter passed along the following statement:

Since the last week of the regular season, when he was diagnosed with a concussion by the Browns, he missed treatment, might have flown to Las Vegas under disguise, partied in Dallas, and avoided charges in an alleged domestic incident with his ex-girlfriend, the second time this has happened in recent months.

“We’re trying to get our son better,” Manziel’s father, Paul Manziel told WFAA on Thursday. “We’re not there yet.”

Though there have not yet been signs that this is going to happen, there remains the hope that Manziel has hit his bottom, seeks help as he did last offseason, and sticks to it.