John Tortorella's Postgame Comment to a Reporter: "Stop Coaching, Pat."

By Tim Ryan

Rangers coach John Tortorella is one of the more unintentionally hilarious coaching personalities in the NHL, and probably in all of sports. The cagey fellow is a seasoned specialist in being ridiculously brief, painfully honest, and very direct. It’s gotten to the point where NBC Sports now includes a timer graphic during his press conferences because they’ve become so famously short.

Last night’s postgame press conference following a 2-1 loss to the Caps was nothing out of the ordinary for Torts, but we’ve neglected to celebrate this man all season long. One of the especially amusing moments came when a reporter couldn’t even finish a personnel-related inquiry before Tortorella snapped back with a conversation stiff-arm of “stop coachin’ Pat.” Even better was his deflated reaction after being questioned why he took a timeout. It was as if someone asked if they could borrow his car for a few hours.

The guy genuinely cannot believe it’s possible for grown adults to be, by his estimation, so frustratingly stupid. It’s beautiful.