John Moffitt of the Seahawks Couldn't Stop Urinating in Parking Lots of Seattle Malls in 2012, Police Had to Use Two Pairs of Handcuffs

By Jason McIntyre

Twice in 2012, Moffitt was observed peeing in parking lots of Seattle malls. The best part? He had already been banned from both Seattle malls due to prior, unspecified incidents. Moffitt ran from security during the June incident. From the Seattle PI:

"Security called police, and officers looked for Moffitt near the Washington Square condos, where he was known to often hang out, according to the report. Police found two “very large males” running along the street, and one officer yelled for Moffitt to stop, the report states. Moffitt allegedly looked directly at one of the pursuing officers, then ran into the building."

Two months later, Moffitt, the serial urinator, was back!

"In that incident, officers escorted Moffitt out of the bar at Pearl restaurant without incident before taking him into custody. “Once outside, two pairs of handcuffs were placed on Moffitt due to his large size and a recent shoulder injury,” a police report states. “Both sets of handcuffs were checked for tightness, and all were double locked.”"

Moffitt will be in court on June 14, but I’m not sure a judge will find all of this as funny as I do. [via Seattle PI]