John Lynch Has the Best War Room Setup So Far

John Lynch's WFH setup
John Lynch's WFH setup /

The NFL Draft is fast approaching, and teams across the league are dotting their i's and crossing their t's. Perhaps most importantly, general managers are finally giving us all a glimpse into what their home war room setup will look like as coronavirus restrictions force everyone to go fully virtual.

From what we've seen, everyone is taking a different direction. But John Lynch has by far the best photographer and the best draft setup of all the GMs to reveal their home offices:

John Elway and Dave Gettleman both have egregiously subpar setups. I really don't know what Elway is trying to accomplish with five televisions and a lone computer and phone. Maybe he's going to delegate everything and just wants to watch the broadcast. Wouldn't be that surprising. Also unsure why they felt the need to use those blue tablecloths like Elway is hosting a cost-efficient grad party. Gettleman looks like he was given half a room to draft in and the rest is reserved for the Downton Abbey marathon afterwards. A million trees were killed in the making of that binder.

Tom Telesco is on the right track, but apparently nobody told him he can have many screens and still only use one computer. Buy some monitors, man. It will make your life so, so much easier. The stuffed moose wearing a Chargers jersey is a nice touch and apparently will be how the new Chargers uniforms are revealed.

Lynch has the right idea. Three phones, what looks to be six monitors, and a single TV. As much access to communication and information at your fingertips without trying to look at every possible broadcast of the draft. And the presentation is absolutely outstanding. Lynch gets it. I bet the Niners have a killer draft.