John Lackey Speaks for All of Us: "I'm Always One More Out Closer to the Beer"

Kyle Koster

John Lackey threw six innings of one-run ball as the Chicago Cubs clinched the National League Central crown last night in St. Louis. The franchise is headed to its third straight postseason for the first time since 1906-1908.

Lackey was honored as a hero in the champagne-soaked locker room after his outing, suggesting this may have been a regular-season swansong.

“He’s one of the best teammates and people I ever got to play with,” Lester said. “Tonight was probably his last regular-season start. Here’s to one hell of a (bleeping) career.”

The veteran right-hander showed off his winning personality in the triumphant celebration, complaining about manager Joe Maddon’s quick hook and providing an all-time quote on beer.

“I’m always one more out closer to the beer,” he said when asked about his motivation to start partying.

Aren’t we all, John. Aren’t we all.

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