John Kruk Reveals Decades-Old Parking Space Beef Between Tom Arnold and Julia Louis-Dreyfus


SNY analyst Keith Hernandez ignited the New York Mets-Philadelphia Phillies feud earlier this week by revealing he has put in a request not to work games against his team's National League East rivals.

"They never seem to disappoint,” Hernandez said. “Over the years — and they’re hot right now, so I’d like to see them — but as far as fundamentally, defensively, the Phillies have always been just not up to it."

This pissed a lot of people off, including Philly fans who have been enjoying an excellent brand of baseball after freeing themselves from Joe Girardi. John Kruk and Tom McCarthy addressed the situation during last night's NBC Sports Philadelphia broadcast and things took a rather surprising turn as the gregarious former first baseman authored a jam-packed 90 seconds in which he revealed he lacks a general understanding of Seinfeld and teased some old beef between two icons of the small screen.

"I got a good story about her I can't tell you on air," Kruk said of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. "And it's not me. I've never met the woman. A friend of mine, Tom Arnold, had some issues with her over parking spots when Tom was on the Roseanne show and she was on Seinfeld, I guess."

Alright. Intriguing. You have to respect anyone who says they can't divulge something on television and then immediately gives up the goods. No one was expecting to get a secondhand allusion to some ancient studio parking lot parking beef during a mid-August baseball game, but once it's brought up, the only human response is to desire more information.

No further details were given as Kruk and McCarthy tried their hardest to remember the show The New Adventures of Old Christine. Which in and of itself is pretty compelling tape.

It's really no surprise that parking lot etiquette, which featured prominently in several Seinfeld episodes, carried over to real life. Hoping the situation has been resolved amicably in the years since.