John Harbaugh Had the Ravens Run a Play in a Game That Was Over Just to Set a Record

John Harbaugh
John Harbaugh / Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Denver Broncos, 23-7. In the process of winning the game, the Ravens rushed for 102 total yards, which tied the NFL record of 43 consecutive games with 100-plus rushing yards, which is a record that no one outside the Ravens locker room cares about. I only say that because here's how they got over 100 yards.

This was on 1st-and-10 on the final play of the game with 0:03 remaining in a 16-point game right after the Ravens intercepted Drew Lock. In a situation where every single team takes a knee to end the game, the Ravens ran a play to get over 100 yards rushing. There were many things wrong with this.

First, 100 is a completely abritraty number that people only care about because humans love round numbers. A team rushing for 100 yards in a game is not special. Twenty teams are averaging 100 or more rushing yards per game this season. Last season 26 teams did it. I promise you not a single fan cares about this. But Harbaugh and his players do so .. cool.

It is just crazy that Harbaugh had Jackson, the entire reason this streak exists, run an unnecessary play in a game that was already decided. And that's the big thing. The game was over and they're out there going for the most pointless records. Anyone else think Harbaugh would have a problem with an opposing team doing the same thing? Here he is a couple weeks ago talking about sportsmanship.

Running a play in this scenario seems like the exact kind of situation where a certain type of old-school Football Guy might think a cheap shot was warranted. And it didn't even need to be that. It could have just been defender frustrated with Lamar Jackson put up 316 passing yards on his team in a game that was never in question.

I'm just blown away that Harbaugh did this so the Ravens would be the answer to a trivia question no one will ever ask. Calling a play in this situation was the NFL equivalent of "weird flex, but ok." Enjoy your footnote, Coach Harbaugh.

UPDATE: Here's video from the Broncos' sideline on the last play. Vic Fangio looked heated.