John Clayton Sounds Pretty Sure the Browns Will Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

Ryan Glasspiegel

John Clayton was a guest on Scott and BR on Mighty 1090 in San Diego, and they asked him about the Browns quarterback situation. “I think in the end, they have to come to some sort of Jimmy Garoppolo trade,” he said.

While Clayton broached the possibility of Dont’a Hightower leaving New England — since the radio spot, he’s re-signed — he noted that the Patriots have lost several players on defense and need to replenish: “They need some volume. That’s why I can’t imagine them sitting there with a quarterback who’s not gonna play next year because he’s got Tom Brady on the team, waiting to get a 3rd round compensatory pick in 2018, when he can get a good group of draft choices now.”

This puts Clayton in square disagreement with his ESPN colleague Adam Schefter, who has been emphatic that the Patriots would not part with Garoppolo for any price.

[H/T CBS Sports]