John Berman: Marjorie Taylor Greene's Words Don't Make Me Uncomfortable, They Make Me Sick


Majorie Taylor Greene was elected to represent Georgia in Congress and therefore everyone is privy to her opinions. They resonate deeply with her base and elicit either anger or a general hopeless pit in the stomachs of those not reading from the same playbook. Her latest tact is comparing the House of Representative's mask mandate to the Holocaust, which drew indignation and horror from a bipartisan group of her colleagues. Greene then predictably doubled-down on the analogy and will triple- and quadruple-down if given the chance.

She tweeted: "I'm sorry some of my words make people uncomfortable, but this is what the American left is all about" as part of her non-apology tour over the weekend.

Covering the controversy this morning on New Day, CNN's John Berman couldn't contain his disgust. Or his general humanity.

"As a rational Jewish person, let me just say to Majorie Taylor Greene, don't you dare speak for me," Berman said. "Comparing health measures to the Holocaust? Your words don't make me 'uncomfortable.' They make me sick."

This seems fairly straightforward and reasonable but one knows that Berman's commentary will be used as an example of liberal bias of media. And that's likely a major motivating factor in Greene creating this firestorm in the first place. It's a predictable cycle and we rinse and repeat, where partisan actors use both friendly and non-friendly outlets to further their content.

Yes, it would be great if the morning news did not require personal editorializing but it's deeply depressing that the source material often requires responsible anchors to give some contours to reality before it becomes completely unrecognizable.