Orioles Owner John Angelos Cites Martin Luther King Day to Avoid Answering Questions

Baltimore Orioles Introduce Mike Elias - News Conference
Baltimore Orioles Introduce Mike Elias - News Conference / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Baltimore Orioles chairman John Angelos invited reporters to a news conference on Monday that included mayor Brandon Scott. The conceit was that they would have "a conversation about the long-term investment in Baltimore igniting the next Baltimore renaissance." Angelos immediately got combative with reporters for (*checks notes*) ... asking relevant questions.

Reporters in the room began asking Angelos about his long-term plans for the Orioles, if they would stay in Baltimore and the team's current ownership situation. Those are completely valid questions considering Angelos is currently being sued by his brother Louis for allegedly moving $90 million of his father's assets into an LLC he controls and manipulating his way into taking full control of the family's assets (including the Orioles).

Angelos -- who rarely speaks to reporters -- repeatedly invoked Martin Luther King Jr. Day, claiming it wasn't the time to speak about such issues. That's a hell of a way to get out of answering questions. Especially when it's only the second time reporters have been able to ask him questions in four years. Four years!

Here are some videos from the encounter:

And here's the full transcript of his remarks:

Well that seems slightly tone-deaf. With such a buffoon as an owner it's no wonder the Orioles have been an MLB afterthought for so long.