Joey Gase Throws Bumper at Dawson Cram's Car During NASCAR Race


The ToyotaCare 250 took place at the Richmond Raceway in Virginia on Saturday afternoon. On lap 173, Joey Gase was jostling with Dawson Cram for position when Cram bumped into Gase and sent the latter's car into the wall. Gase was incredibly unhappy about this, which isn't a big surprise. But he let his temper get the better of him and did something he might regret.

After clamboring out of his wrecked car, Gase tore the bumper off and walked over to where the rest of the cars in the race were driving by under the caution flag. He then hurled the bumper at Cram's car as it passed. It was quite a wild scene.

Gase then gave an interview afterwards explaining his actions while the rest of the race played out. Which is something I definitely think other sports should adopt. Why not do a mid-game interview with a guy who just got ejected and threw stuff into the crowd as he walked out? Anyway, here's Gase angrily ripping Cram.

To put the cherry on top of the sundae Gase tweeted about the incident shortly thereafter, telling Cram to enjoy his souvenir.

Certainly something you don't expect to see on the race track.