Joey Bosa Slammed His Helmet After the Jaguars Scored a Touchdown


Joey Bosa had a rough fourth quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL Wild Card round. The Jaguars were staging a comeback against the Los Angeles Chargers when Bosa started to lose his temper. First he said something to an official that drew an unsportsmanlike penalty. Then when another call didn't go the Chargers' way Bosa threw his helmet down, drawing another unsportsmanlike penalty.

This one allowed the Jaguars to go for two from the one.

Here's the video of him saying something that got the official to follow him and throw the flag.

If the Jaguars win this game, Bosa's meltdowns will be a big story. Or the perfect example of a Chargers' meltdown.

UPDATE: The Chargers did, indeed, blow the game. Insane.