Joel Embiid Loves Shirley Temples, Junk Food and Hot Dogs

By Jason McIntyre

Joel Embiid missed his rookie season due to a foot injury, and then re-injured said foot at some point this summer, and will miss his 2nd year, too. The former Kansas center hasn’t played a game of basketball since March 1, 2014, which means the next time he takes the court, it’ll have been about 31 months or about 970 days. That’s a lot of time to kill for a guy who is only 21. According to one account, Embiid isn’t exactly living healthy:

"Per a source, the Sixers’ training staff was so concerned about what he was eating, they stocked the refrigerator in his downtown hotel residence each week with healthy food. When a staffer went to restock the fridge each week, most everything was uneaten and unopened, and they were throwing out the fruits and vegetables every week. When the team subsequently asked to see Embiid’s room service bill, they found that most days he was ordering junk food along with his signature beverage, a pitcher of Shirley Temples. Embiid also was frequently seen feasting on chicken fingers and hot dogs at and after games."

That’s not exactly earth-shattering news – I suppose he could have a cooler go-to drink than a Shirley Temple – and the story is already being poo-pooed for a variety of reasons. And it’s not like Embiid hasn’t professed his love for Shirley Temples before.

I’m not buying the disarray part, either. The 76ers haven’t been put together in years. They’re that major highway you have to use for work that always seems to be under construction. Hinkie’s goal is to try and win the lottery every year, unless he gets lucky like his pal Daryl Morey and can trade for a superstar. They were extremely fortunate that Jahlil Okafor fell to them in the 2015 draft, and if he can stay healthy this season, I think they’ll win 25 games.

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