Joe West Requested Flowers From the San Diego Chicken in Chicago as He Set a New Umpire Record

Joe West and the San Diego Chicken.
Joe West and the San Diego Chicken. / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Joe West worked Tuesday night's St. Louis Caridnals - Chicago White Sox game. It was the 5,376th game, which broke Bill Klem's record. To commemorate the occasion the San Diego chicken was in attendance. This was at Joe West's request.

What a wonderfully weird thing. Joe West had the San Diego Chicken fly to Chicago to celebrate setting his new record. As one does. Here are some more images of this event.

Obviously, this is not the first time that the San Diego chicken has brought Joe West flowers.

So I guess West and the San Diego Chicken have gotten close over the years. They both came into the league in the mid-70's so they've obviously had time to bond. The only question is who will retire first? Maybe they'll announce their departures in a joint press conference. West can bring the flowers.