Joe Rogan Recklessly Encourages Young, Healthy People Not to Get COVID Vaccine

Joe Rogan working a UFC event.
Joe Rogan working a UFC event. / Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Joe Rogan is on his bullshit again.

On Friday's episode of The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify, the comedian and UFC commentator said he would tell young, healthy people they don't need to worry about getting vaccinated. He also doesn't understand people who want their children vaccinated because his children, who had COVID-19, had mild cases.

Do not listen to Joe Rogan. Get vaccinated.


Rogan and fellow comedian Dave Smith discussed how getting vaccinated is a form of virtue signaling. Rogan ended his ill-informed thought with this:

"It's amazing that that's controversial. That even saying that 'I'm not going to inject my child with a vaccine' is controversial. We're not talking about even the flu, which we just found out killed 22,000 people last year. We're not talking about that. We're talking about something that is not statistically dangerous for children."

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here. Did Rogan imply that the flu is more dangerous because it killed 22,000 people? Has no one told him about how many people have died from COVID-19? Or the fact that young, healthy people like Jayson Tatum, who recently turned 23, have suffered serious issues? And we still have no clue how long COVID-19 can linger or when we'll know the full extent of the damage it does even to people who even had mild cases. You know, for people like Rogan's children.

The fact that we're still doing this is the exact reason we are still doing this. Someone with the reach of Joe Rogan should really consider the fact that there are at-risk people who listen to him that hear him downplay the seriousness of COVID who will then not get vaccinated. People who could catch COVID from healthy young people who did not get vaccinated because Joe Rogan said they didn't need to. It's irresponsible and dangerous and depressing for anyone who has taken this very serious thing very seriously.

Please, don't listen to Joe Rogan.

Please, get vaccinated.

For yourself. For your friends and families. For Joe Rogan's listeners. Someone has to have their best interest in mind.