Joe Philbin Fired by the Miami Dolphins

By Jason McIntyre

Joe Philbin is likely to be fired today by the Miami Dolphins after 52 games and zero playoff appearances. According to ESPN, the Dolphins were “preparing to fire him” last night. The last straw, apparently, was a listless 27-14 loss in London to the New York Jets.

[UPDATE: It’s official now:]

A week after getting embarrassed by the Bills at home, the Dolphins fell behind to the Jets 27-7 en route to their 3rd straight loss.

For reasons that haven’t been made clear, the Dolphins kept Philbin after last year’s 8-8 season, and then decided to extend average QB Ryan Tannehill, and then sign Ndamukong Suh to a $114 million deal. They pushed all their chips into the middle, and it blew up in the face of the franchise.

Please don’t let any Miami fan tell you Jim Harbaugh is an option – not happening. The Dolphins owner has his name on a building in Ann Arbor, and he’s not stealing Michigan’s coach.