Joe Philbin Cracks Joke About Physical Fitness of Reporters, Refuses to Answer Whether He Asked Incognito to "Toughen Up" Jonathan Martin

By Jason Lisk

Joe Philbin had his weekly press conference this week, but of course, lots of people were in attendance because of the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito situation. Philbin did not come off very well. Probably not the best thing to start a serious topic that potentially dealt with bullying by making a crack about the physical fitness of the people that have come out to cover the press conference.

Philbin could have used some coaching on tone and appearance. He came off as defiant. He came off, well, like a coach used to telling people what to do, in a situation where that tact does not work as well. When asked about the report that he had told Incognito to “toughen up” Martin, Philbin refused comment while maintaining a tone of superiority.

We have already seen some references to “A Few Good Men.” I’m not sure doing a Colonel Jessup impersonation at the press conference was the best choice.

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