Joe Mixon Claims He Got A First-Round Grade In NFL Draft Evaluation, Which Is Insane

Ryan Phillips

Joe Mixon’s tumultuous, controversial college football career has come to an end. The redshirt sophomore running back will reportedly declare himself eligible for the 2017 NFL Draft and forgo his final two years of eligibility at Oklahoma. Mixon has reportedly claimed he got a first-round grade on his NFL evaluation, which prompted his exit. I’m sorry, but there is no way on Earth a team will take Mixon in the first round during April’s draft.

The above tweet from Jake Trotter prompted a lot of debate online as to who could have possibly told a massive character-risk like Mixon that he was a first-rounder. Of course, Mixon is the guy whose vicious assault on a female student in 2014 was caught on tape and is still steeped in controversy for the lack of punishment handed to him by Bob Stoops and Oklahoma.

I really have a hard time believing an NFL team would spend a first-round pick on a guy with Mixon’s history. Especially since, until just a few weeks ago, he was still making excuses for the incident and not taking full responsibility. There is no doubt the kid is talented, but he’s an enormous risk and NFL executives take that stuff very seriously.

I do believe Mixon will get an NFL shot. Someone, somewhere will gamble on him because of his incredible talent level, but there is zero chance he’s drafted early and may even have to go the undrafted free agent route.

Regardless of the evaluation he received, Mixon has to know deep down he’s not going to be a first-round pick. If he doesn’t understand that, then he really does have some issues.