TikTok Users Are Incredibly Hot for Joe Burrow

Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Joe Burrow has quickly established himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and will play in his second straight AFC Championship Game on Sunday. He's also rising to the top of an important category and that's The Athlete TikTok Users Are Most Thirsty For as the social media app has been flooded with videos from hot and bothered fans who can't get enough of the cool guy vibes this handsome young man cannot help but put out into the universe. Perhaps this is news to you. It was certainly news to us as sisters of two separate The Big Lead writers sent unsolicited messages about this guy and how grown-up Kevin McAllister is making shameless posters opening pine to be home alone with him.

With great trepidation, here is some supporting evidence — just a small taste of the type of stuff you could be seeing on TikTok if it scratches you where you itch.

Pundits are becoming increasingly comfortable in comparing Burrow to a young Tom Brady, which is lofty yet not entirely unreasonable praise. But it should be noted that Brady's ascent to internationally accepted babe took several seasons. Smoldering Joe is only three years removed from college. And more on-field success will mean more national spotlight and more ability to crossover to the portion of the public who only watches football a few times a year.

This is a train already on the tracks and picking up speed. Something to monitor. No judgements.