Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Cracked Up Seeing Zach Tom's Flop Against Maxx Crosby


The Green Bay Packers traveled to Vegas to take on the Raiders on Monday Night Football to cap off Week 5. The showdown between Jimmy Garoppolo and Jordan Love got off to a bit of a slow start, but it was all worth it because we got to see Zach Tom flop when he got a little shove from Maxx Crosby.

The reaction to the flop on the ESPN broadcasts was memorable. On the ManningCast, Peyton Manning immediately identified Tom's fall as a flop without even seeing a replay. He and Eli then had a conversation about whether lineman were allowed to flop and what the NFL had to do to get players to stop.

Back on ESPN's main broadcast Joe Buck and Troy Aikman absolutely loved it. Buck could barely believe what he saw and took a breath, which allowed Aikman to start chuckling. Buck accused Tom of taking a dive before they both cracked up seeing a second replay. The best part is Aikman saying that the flop was "fantastic."

When was the last time you heard him describe quarterback play with that much joy in his voice? I'll wager that neither Jimmy G nor Jordan Love can draw as enthusiastic a "fantastic" out of Aikman tonight.