Joe Buck Delivers on Promise to Call Play-By-Play of Everyday Life

Joe Buck
Joe Buck / Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Over the weekend, Joe Buck offered to do his part in keeping everyone positive during the coronavirus quarantine by doing play-by-play of random videos sent in from his Twitter followers. He started posting the videos today, and it's as great as we all imagined.

He starts off with a killer narration of Mina Kimes' adorable dog playing fetch.

Next up is a call of some backyard football, which is truly pure content, even if it physically pained me to hear Buck say that a silver Brady Pats jersey is now a throwback.

Then comes this video of a man hitting a bullseye from an inexplicable angle. But, like the true professional he is, Buck is unfazed by this amazing feat. And it is amazing.

Now for my personal favorite. The slow-motion replay is outstanding.

Great to hear Buck's voice again. I, for one, think Mike Breen should be up next. I'd take a re-do of that last video with an "Oh, blocked by Hoge!" at the end.