Did Joe Buck Really Call This 1994 Brett Favre Game-Winning Touchdown While Peeing In a Bottle?

Atlanta Falcons vs Green Bay Packers - December 18, 1994
Atlanta Falcons vs Green Bay Packers - December 18, 1994 / James Biever Photography LLC/GettyImages

Joe Buck appeared on the Smartless podcast and shared another story from his career in the broadcast booth that has the Internet buzzing. Buck told Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes that he was peeing in a bottle when he called a touchdown during a Falcons - Packers game at Milwaukee County Stadium.

Mediaite looked into it and determined it would have been the December 18, 2004 Falcons - Packers game which means it was the final game the Packers ever played at Milwaukee County Stadium. It was also the game where Sterling Sharpe suffered what would be a career-ending injury. Buck was calling the game on FOX with Tim Green. According to Buck the bathroom was impossible to get to, the half wouldn't end and he was "pounding water."

“I have peed in a bottle while calling an NFL touchdown, I swear to god. I was peeing in a trash can and they came back. It's true. They handed me like a little water bottle."

"We came back from a break and I was peeing and the action started. And I called a touchdown while urine was coming out of me.”

Why, yes, this game is on YouTube in its entirety. There were three touchdowns in the game which the Packers won, 21-17. Sharpe scored in the first quarter, so we can rule that out. Craig "Ironhead" Hayward scored with 6:38 remaining in the second quarter, so that doesn't fit the description either. However... Brett Favre does score the game-winning touchdown with 14 seconds remaining in the game.

If we back up a bit, Buck threw it to commercial at the two-minute warning with 1:58 remaining on the clock and the Packers about to go back on offense. When they returned from break Green was talking about selecting a player of the game, at approximately the 2:26:07 mark of this video. It does kind of sound like he's filling airtime, but Buck said he was peeing during the touchdown and that doesn't happen for another five minutes of real time without any commercials, despite the fact that the Packers used their remaining timeout right before the score.

I'm sorry, but Buck's story as told on the podcast... it just doesn't hold water. Do I believe Buck has peed on the air? Yes. Did it happen in this game during this touchdown? It seems unlikely, based on video and audio evidence.

It seems more likely that Buck was peeing as they came out of the two-minute warning which is why Green was talking coming out of a commercial break. Whether he was doing that in a trashcan or with a water bottle under his large winter coat is only known by Buck, Green and whoever else was in the booth handing out empty water bottles that day.

Hopefully, the coverage of this story will get him to return to Twitter to clarify the details as he did when sites picked up a story he told Colin Cowherd about having a drink in the booth earlier this year.