Joc Pederson Stood And Admired A Double He Thought Was A Home Run


Joc Pederson is young, hopefully he’ll learn from this mistake. In the bottom of the fifth inning of Game 4 of the NLDS, Pederson smashed a pitch from Washington Nationals reliever Reynaldo Lopez down the left field line. Pederson stood and admired his work, then stared into the Los Angeles Dodgers dugout. One problem: the ball didn’t leave the yard.

Pederson quickly realized his mistake and ran his tail off and got into second base with a double.


Then a close up:

The look of sheer terror on the 24-year-old’s face when he realized the ball hadn’t left the yard is hilarious. Gob Bluth can sympathize.

The Dodgers lead the Nationals 5-2 through six innings.