Joc Pederson Grabbed a Jock, Taunted Jon Lester During Night of Physical Comedy

Kyle Koster

Baseball is supposed to be fun and Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson certainly had some fun last night at Wrigley Field. During pregame introductions, he cup-checked teammate Kenley Jansen.

Now, there is never a good time to fail a cup check, but it’s especially painful when the gametime temperature is 41 degrees and you’ve just endured a one hour, 56-minute rain delay.

Pederson continued the physical comedy once the game began by assuming a sprinter’s stance while leading off first base (via

He was able to do this thanks to Jon Lester’s inability to throw over to the bag. It will be interesting to see if opposing runners try to taunt the lefty into doing what he hates the most with a series of escalating taunting antics. It’s so crazy it might work.