Joakim Noah Speaks for All Chicagoans When He's Soulcrushed By Snow

Ryan Glasspiegel

Joakim Noah was in a pretty good mood speaking to reporters last night, but he made a fatal mistake when he said that it wasn’t cold anymore and the sun was shining.

Actually, someone told him, it was snowing. Right then and there.

“Are you serious?!” Joakim asked. He would need several seconds to compose himself. It was heartbreaking news.

This wasn’t just like a brief snow flurry, either. It accumulated enough that the sidewalks were icy this morning, which is a stark contrast from the beautiful 75-degree day we just had on Saturday. There are few places in the world better than fantastic-weather-Chicago, and as we’ve learned all too well during this historically brutal winter, those days are a privilege, not a right.

To return to Chi-beria after getting such a hopeful glimpse of what life could be like was cruel and unusual. We will endure, because we have to, but I’d be lying if I said that my spirit was not broken yesterday when I realized that there was still More Winter to overcome.

Since we’re here, let’s check out a couple sweet Joakim Noah GIFs by Australian illustrator Chris Edser:

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[Video by Chicago Sun-Times]