Julius Erving's All-Time NBA Teams Is the Ultimate Old Head List

Julius Erving and Charles Barkley
Julius Erving and Charles Barkley / Lisa Lake/Getty Images

Julius Erving became the latest retired NBA player to infuriate the masses recently when he went on a podcast with Yahoo! Sports' Chris Haynes and laid out his two all-time NBA teams. It is a truly remarkable list. The ultimate old head list, as the title denotes.

As you can see from the ESPN tweet, the fact that he didn't have LeBron James on there has some people mad. But there's a lot more to unpack here.

The only part of the list that isn't debatable is Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain holding down the frontcourt. One holds most of the unbreakable statistical records in the NBA and the other has more rings than he has fingers. But Michael Jordan? On the second team?? Karl Malone???

Hats off to Dr. J, honestly. The man simply does not care about anything or anyone that came after his playing days. Or the guys who were playing with him, since he went to war many a time with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

As many smarter than me have pointed out, it's also amusing to see Dr. J knock LeBron for being an architect of super teams when he needed his own to be able to get by Bird and Magic. He probably deserves a spot on these teams over Malone, but what do I know? I never played in the NBA.

Old heads stay old heads, hollering about kids these days and their superteams. At least Dr. J is staying true.