JJ Watt Somehow Got Stuck in a Sand Bunker And Needed JR Smith's Help to Get Out

JJ Watt
JJ Watt /

Professional athletes lead much different lives than you and I for many reasons. One of those reasons is that most professional athletes are much larger than the average human and have to deal with the constraints that accompany being that large. This is how I imagine JJ Watt ended up stuck sideways in a sand bunker while golfing and needed JR Smith to come to his rescue.

Here's the video Watt tweeted out, in which he also preempts any questions about how the hell this happened.

Fortunately Smith, a fellow former professional athlete, was there to help. I do not think your average caddie could leverage the 6-foot-5 Watt out from that angle.

Would really love to learn about the sequence of events that got him there, but I respect the dedication to not just cutting losses and rolling into the sand to get up. Golf clothes are expensive!