Jimmy Haslam Thinks He's Found the Perfect Coach For the Browns... Again

Jimmy Haslam
Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam introduces new head coach Kevin Stefanski | Jason Miller/Getty Images

Jimmy Haslam is confident he has found the man to lead his franchise into the future. The Cleveland Browns introduced new head coach Kevin Stefanski on Tuesday and Haslam was positively glowing about his new hire...again.

Here's what he had to say about Stefanski:

Seems like a pretty boilerplate thing to say about a new coaching hire. Here's the thing, though: Haslam has said basically the exact same thing about four other coaches since 2013. Don't believe me? Well, we've got proof.

Here's what he had to say about Freddie Kitchens almost exactly one year ago:

And here's what he said about Hue Jackson in 2016:

You better believe we've got receipts for what he said about Mike Pettine in 2014:

And who could forget Haslam's love affair with Rob Chudzinski in 2013?

Freezing Cold Takes pointed this out earlier:

Haslam is now on his fifth full-time head coach in the seven full seasons he's owned the team, and that doesn't count Gregg Williams' eight-game interim head coaching stretch. The franchise is 28-83-1 in that time.

None of this is to say Stefanski can't be a new, different and transformative figure for the Browns. We're just pointing out that Haslam probably shouldn't be so definitive in his statements about his new coach.