This Jimmy Garoppolo Stuff Is Getting Sad

Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Jimmy Garoppolo faces an unclear future as Trey Lance has been anointed in San Francisco. He waits patiently to be dealt to some team more keen on letting him actually play. Until then all he can do is prepare for his next job while going to work at one full of odd tension. And apparently field zinger after zinger in the press from parties who want to inflict some pain on the way out or tank his trade value in some sort of bizarre Machiavellian move none of us can understand right now.

An unnamed member of the team’s coaching staff in 2018 told Mike Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle this about Garoppolo, via Peter King’s Football Morning in America: “Once he left that press conference [announcing his new contract] nobody heard from him for weeks and weeks. He didn’t return calls, he didn’t return texts — he basically just vanished. And we were looking at each other going, ‘What just happened?'”

Ghosting after getting everything you've ever wanted? That's the ultimate dream. One could also understand why it wouldn't play well in the NFL. For a quarterback tasked with being the CEO of the offense. Coaches and front-office types never seem to understand the need for healthy work-life balance.

King paints the picture of a man completely removed, doing his own thing like Milton from Office Space.

Garoppolo, who quarterbacked this team to a win over Aaron Rodgers and the top-seeded Packers eight months ago, is a strange sight to behold these days. He works out, throws and rehabs apart from his teammates, most often when they’re inside in meetings. When the other 89 men on the San Francisco roster are practicing outside, Garoppolo is usually inside, or on his way home. I heard he does not have a playbook, does not attend quarterback or team meetings and barely knows new quarterbacks coach Brian Griese.

So in summation: extremely untenable and something only made worse for all parties by a fuller picture of the disconnect and past sins coming to light. Other than that, though, all is fine.