Jimbo Fisher's Nephew Reportedly the Person Who Punched LSU Analyst Steve Kragthorpe


Well, we have another potential twist in the wild scene at the end of the epic LSU-Texas A&M game, where Kevin Faulk was seen exchanging blows with an unnamed person wearing Texas A&M clothing and wearing a sideline credential. That exchange happened after the Texas A&M person had come up and punched Steve Kragthorpe, an LSU offensive analyst, in the chest, where he struck Kragthorpe’s pacemaker. Kragthorpe has Parkinson’s disease and has the pacemaker to help stimulate his brain.

According to the Advocate, the person in question is Cole Fisher, the nephew of Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher. That might explain the familiarity with which he comes up to the head coach as he was exiting the field and seems to explain to him about throwing a punch.

According to the Advocate, Cole Fisher is a recent high school graduate who signed a letter of intent to play Division II football in 2016, but never played. He has reportedly been on the sidelines for games at both Florida State and Texas A&M, though he has no official role with either school.

According to the Daily Advertiser, Texas A&M associate director for football communications Brad Marquardt said “I don’t know who Cole Fisher is” when asked about him. (Marquardt’s Twitter bio describes himself as “Unapologetic spinner of all things Aggie” so take that spin for what it’s worth).