Jimbo Fisher Outran a Gatorade Bath After the Orange Bowl

Jimbo Fisher outruns a Gatorade bath at the Orange Bowl
Jimbo Fisher outruns a Gatorade bath at the Orange Bowl /

Jimbo Fisher and his Texas A&M Aggies finished the season in style Saturday night, notching a 41-27 win over North Carolina in the Orange Bowl. While that win and the team's 9-1 finish will get some headlines, the biggest story of the night was Fisher's blazing speed.

As the 55-year-old head coach jogged towards midfield to green Tar Heels coach Mack Brown after the game ended, something pretty great happened. Several Texas A&M players jogged out behind their coach with a Gatorade bucket, Fisher sensed something was up, looked over his shoulder and took off in a dead sprint. He outran his players and the potential green Gatorade bath.

Check this out:

I've never seen a man in his 50s run that hard or fast.

It was nice to see Fisher run back to shake Brown's hand and say, "Sorry about that, Mack" just to ensure his opponent knew he wasn't being disrespectful.

During the trophy presentation, Fisher claimed he pulled a hamstring during his sprint, and his team also made two more attempts to get him with little success:

The Aggies felt they were wrongly left out of the College Football Playoff, so winning their bowl game went a long way to proving they belonged among the top four.

It was a good night for Texas A&M all around. Except for the players who masterminded the Gatorade bath. They completely blew it and should have to run laps or something.