Jim Tomsula Is A Real-Life Matt Foley


Jim Tomsula can’t be a real person. He must be the NFL version of an Andy Kaufman prank.

The previously anonymous assistant came out of nowhere to replace Jim Harbaugh with the 49ers earlier this year. He then announced his arrival with a bizarre, bumbling interview with CSN Bay Area that played like a 2015 version of The Chris Farley Show. (Sorry, the Paul McCartney version doesn’t seem to exist online.) Tomsula’s since gotten some media pointers, but it doesn’t mean he’s any less amazing.

ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez spent some time writing a profile of Tomsula, which helps get to know him a little better and details his long journey to NFL head coach. The best little nugget comes midway through the piece, revealing that previously during his professional life Tomsula worked odd jobs and spent six months living out of his Cadillac along with his cat and dog while an unpaid assistant at Catawba College in 1997.

Yep, Jim Tomsula might — if we’re to stretch reality for the purposes of a blog post — actually be a real life Matt Foley, except we don’t know if he lived “down by the river.” (Nor do we know his motivational speaking prowess.) Let’s agree to pretend that wherever Tomsula parked his Caddy for the night there was a body of water located somewhere in a five-mile radius.

Tomsula downplayed living out of the Cadillac, mostly.

And to keep the SNL sketch comparisons alive, Tomsula essentially doubles as a panelist from Bill Swerski’s SuperFans.

As the late, great Farley would say with child-like wonder, awesome.

[H/T The Score]