Jim Rome Announces Move From CBS Sports Network To X


Jim Rome is at Super Bowl XLVIII this week doing his radio show from the madness of Radio Row. Amid that craziness he made an announcement we've been anticipating for a while: the simulcast of his show is leaving CBS Sports Network and moving to Twitter (or, X, if you're Elon Musk).

Rome made the announcement official on Tuesday, thanking CBS Sports Network for seven years of his simulcasted show and had nothing but praise for the network. According to Rome, at the end of this week, the simulcast will go dark for "a short period of time" and will reemerge on Twitter. He doesn't have a start date yet for the new simulcast and said, "Right now we're in the stages of building this thing, developing this thing, putting it all together."

Here's the full announcement:

So the launch on Twitter won't be far down the line, which is good for fans of "The Jungle." It's important to note, the radio show will continue in its current format and will not change or go dark in the interim.

Rome has been a huge presence in sports talk radio since the early 1990s. As far as we're aware, he's the first major sports figure to move their operation to Musk's version of Twitter. It will be interesting to see what the engagement is like on a new platform.