Jim Rome Blasts Lakers For Handling of Frank Vogel Firing

Frank Vogel, Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns
Frank Vogel, Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers apparently told everyone but Frank Vogel that they were firing him. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Vogel would be fired hours before the team had actually informed him of it. That's a terrible look for the franchise and Jim Rome was furious about it.

On Monday's show, Rome went off on the Lakers, blasting them for how the organization has handled its business all season, but specifically for botching Vogel's firing. Someone in the organization was leaking news of Vogel's departure long before anyone in the front office had the guts to actually address the man himself.

Here's what Rome had to say:

Rome is absolutely right, this is a terrible look for the franchise. In a year filled with bad decisions -- that began with trading for Russell Westbrook -- this is just the cherry on top.

Vogel led the Lakers to a championship in 2020 and was the least of the team's problems this season. Rob Pelinka created a horrible roster that was a terrible fit for the coach's defense-first system. Vogel was also saddled with Westbrook, who promised to take on any role the franchise needed, then refused to alter his game at all. What did Pelinka & Co. expect to happen?

The Lakers deserve every bit of scorn they get for the 2021-22 season. The front office has botched this from the start. In fact, almost every move made since winning the title in 2020 has been a disaster. They've wasted multiple seasons of brilliance from LeBron James and are now in complete disarray. They're currently the laughingstock of the NBA and fully deserve that designation.