Jim Rome and Jim Everett Had Their Infamous 'Chris' Incident 26 Years Ago Today

Jim Everett
Jim Everett / Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Jim Rome and Jim Everett combined to create one of the most memorable moments in ESPN history 26 years ago today. Rome, who still a widely syndicated sports talk radio host, was hosting Talk2 on ESPN2. If you don't remember that show, that's OK. Talk2 ran from 1993 to 1998, but the show's Wikipedia entry exists only to mention the Rome - Everett confrontation. With good reason.

Jim Everett appeared on the show thinking he would be interviewed by Roy Firestone, but was instead greeted by Rome, who had been calling him "Chris" for years. The reason? Everett, an 8-year NFL veteran who twice led the league in touchdown passes, was a man and Chris Everet was a female tennis player. Evert had won 18 Grand Slam titles by the time this happened, so it really was the laziest, most sexist insult possible at the time. Plus, Chris is generally a boy's name.

Why Rome chose this instance to be a tough guy smart aleck is unclear, but he provoked Everett after he told him not to call him "Chris" to his face ever again. When Rome did, Everett flipped over the table between them and took Rome down. They cut to commercial as the 6'5" professional athlete stood over the talk radio host.

Everett would go on to spend three unsuccessful seasons in New Orleans and a year in San Diego before retiring. Rome remains a titan of syndicated ports talk radio. No matter what either did before or after their on-air skirmish, this is what they will both be remembered for.