Jim Nantz Was There For Taylor Swift's Big Break in 2006

Florida Gators v UCLA Bruins
Florida Gators v UCLA Bruins / Win McNamee/GettyImages

The Super Bowl is just days away so the media is squeezing whatever content they can from the NFL's 2023 season stone before everyone's attention briefly turns to college basketball and then back to the NFL again in April. As part of the lead up to The Big Game, Richard Deitsch, one of the top two media reporters at The Athletic, sat down for a wide-ranging conversation with CBS' broadcast crew of Jim Nantz, Tony Romo and Tracy Wolfson to discuss a number of Super Bowl-related topics. To no one's surprise, the topic of Taylor Swift came up and Jim Nantz revealed that not only has he recently spoken with Swift's father, but that he was actually there for her NFL-related big break.

Via The Athletic:

Nantz: I had a very long conversation with her father, Scott Swift, the week of the Buffalo game. … I happen to mention the first time I took note of Taylor. It was at a Pittsburgh game. She was playing at Heinz Field. I think she was 16 years old. … She did the anthem on the air. When I told that to Scott, he said, “How do you remember that?” I said, “I was there.” He said, “That was a pivotal moment for her. It helped launch her.”

This is actually huge. It means that's Taylor Swift's deep ties to the NFL go back nearly two decades, which makes the psyop conspiracies make a little more sense. Her big break came at an NFL game and now here she is 18 years later dating a high-profile player and boosting Super Bowl ratings? A little too convenient if you ask me.

In addition to Nantz revealing he was in on the ground floor of Swift's career, Romo says they should show her as often as fans want and Wolfson thinks an interview during the game would be "incredible." Mmm hmm. Just like the NFL wants.