Jim Nantz Slips Up When Describing 'Game of Runs' During Iowa-Indiana

Jim Nantz
Jim Nantz / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Indiana Hoosiers have made a surprise run deep into the Big 10 tournament and played No. 24-ranked Iowa in the conference semifinals on Saturday afternoon. Jim Nantz was on the call for CBS.

During the first half, Indiana and Iowa traded punches. After a timeout, CBS began to cut to commercial and Nantz was summing up what the viewers had just seen. In the process, he misspoke in what was a rather unfortunate mistake given the context and what he said.

Further proof that slip-ups like these happen to the best of us. Nantz is still at the top of his game in the broadcasting world and this still happened.

An innocent mistake that we can all laugh about. Rare these days.