Jim Nantz is Releasing a Wine Label, "The Calling"

By Ty Duffy

"Nantz was dining with a family friend and lawyer in Greenwich, discussing how to bring his dream of venturing into the wine business into fruition when Deutsch, who happened to be dining at the same restaurant, spotted Nantz and approached him to compliment his latest novel on his father – a work Deutsch described as “inspirational.” “Here I am talking about this dream to break into the wine industry when Peter approaches the table,” said Nantz, “Little did I know, Babe Ruth walked up to the table and I had a tryout with the Yankees the next day.”"

The Calling has debuted with a Cabernet Sauvignon with “well-integrated tanins and a velvety texture” as well as “a powerful palate.” There is also a Chardonnay with “refreshing minerality,” “subtle hints of oak” and an “elegantly full-bodied finish.” Nothing sexier than “subtle hints of oak.” Just pondering this makes me want to tuck a white button down into a pair of dad jeans, buy a Porsche and go cruising for a younger woman in need of financial security.

[Photo via Getty]

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