Jim Larrañaga Gives Fiery Pregame Speech Begging Miami to Take a Bunch of Charges, Really Sells It

Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The No. 10-seeded Miami Hurricanes have played their way into the Elite Eight and today face a mighty task in conquering Kansas. Jim Larrañaga, who has succeeded far above expectations at the program, knows what it takes to win a regional final against a heavily favored No. 1 seed. And it involves taking charges. As many charges at the refs will call against a Jayhawks offense that thrives when slashing to the hope.

In an impassioned pregame speech, Jim Larrañaga begs and pleaded for his squad to put their bodies on the line in the name of offensive fouls and tournament glory. Then, to drive the message home, the 72-year-old flopped to the floor himself.

Miami ate it up.

They always say these types of motivational talks make people want to run through brick walls. In this case it seems the goal is to get the brick walls to run through you.