Jim Irsay Puts Carson Wentz on Hot Seat Over Injuries and Vaccination Status

Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Carson Wentz will suit up for the Indianapolis Colts today despite somehow spraining both of his ankles in a loss to the Los Angeles Rams last week. He will try and help his team avoid a dreaded 0-3 start that would put any playoff hopes in serious jeopardy before October even begins.

Injuries are not a new part of Wentz's story. As Colin Cowherd aptly described it last week, the narrative has been consistent with the quarterback throughout his years in Philadelphia and now in the early days of his Colts career-- he's pretty good, makes some dumb decisions, and right when everything appears to be coming together, he gets hurt. It's like clockwork.

Availability is the best ability, as many football coaches have crowed over the years. Wentz does not have that, and his refusal to get vaccinated further makes his reliability questionable. Jim Irsay was asked about Wentz last night and didn't hold back on his new franchise quarterback. It was unconfirmed at the time of the interview whether Wentz would play today or not.

That is not exactly a ringing endorsement from the most important person in the Colts' organization. But for Wentz, one thing is very fixable: get the vaccine! Injuries are already a constant and looming threat over his status. At least he has control over the likelihood of catching COVID. But he refuses to exert that control because of reasons he won't share with anybody.

When your boss goes off on you like this to reporters, you should probably do whatever you can to reassure him everything is fine. Wentz isn't doing that, and while it's far too early for the organization to give up on him after the investment they made, this shouldn't make Wentz feel good at all.