Jim Harbaugh Is Wearing Receiving Gloves, Wants the Damn Ball

Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Jim Harbaugh took a circuitous route to the type of winning expected at Michigan. But here he is, in the College Football Playoff semifinals against Georgia with a Wolverines team capable of capturing the ultimate crown. Of all four remaining coaches, he's the only one you'd expect to wear receiving gloves out on the field during pregame warmups. And sure enough he's doing just that as we approach kickoff from the Orange Bowl in Miami.

There's being locked in and there's being so locked in you ask a graduate assistant to double-check you don't have any availibility left while dreaming of snagging seven balls for 64 yards and a score.

This little clip is silly, yes, but it's also a tremendous real-world example of how it started vs. how it's going. Who could forget this iconic image taken back at 2015 that was perhaps the inspiration for the Mayo Bowl?

It brings me great pain to say this but in the interest of the new year, here goes: good for Harbaugh. He's enjoying the hell out of the moment and has earned it.