Jim Harbaugh Once Played Screech's Cousin on Saved By The Bell


Before we had the handshake episode with Jim Schwartz, we had Jim Harbaugh delivering a handshake to Zack Morris in an episode of Saved By the Bell: The New Class. [resident Saved By the Bell expert “Cleet” confirms that is not Zack, but a different actor, shaking hands in the background.] Here was the former Indianapolis quarterback making an appearance as Screech’s cousin (of course). This means that Jim Harbaugh is related to Neil Diamond, right?

I attribute not knowing about this because it came, not in the best after school show ever during my teen years, Saved By The Bell, but a spinoff when I was already away in college. Frankly, though, I’m disappointed in some of you that this is just now coming back to light.

[h/t: @1000Steps]