Listen to Jim Harbaugh Painfully Drag Michigan's Wreckage Across Rock Bottom

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There was a time not so long ago that the average American couldn't turn on any college football content without being blindsided by a number of predictions promising multiple national championships for Jim Harbaugh in Ann Arbor. The first of those came around six years ago and persisted, stunningly, up until a few weeks ago before the Wolverines allowed their little brothers from East Lansing to beat them once again.

Michigan now sits at 2-4 with an uncertain future. Harbaugh is in the penultimate year of his deal and has done very little on the field to convince Warde Manuel and the powers-that-be that he's the man for the job. And it's getting to him.

Here's Harbaugh speaking to reporters this week, decrying a "disdain from the process" by those outside the program who are "very results-oriented." Trigger warning for Michigan fans: the footage is both wholly depressing and slightly pathetic.

As a reminder, this is Year Six of the Jim Harbaugh Experiment. One which has failed miserably and has never looked further from succeeding. The man who asked who could possibly have it better than Michigan is taking some issue with fans wanting more than a .333 winning percentage.

To be perfectly clear, I am not reveling. Not as a former Spartan who forecasted everyone else's high expectations would never be realized. Honestly, I'm more amazed that it's gotten to this point where the ship has not only crashed and sank, but that those charged with handing out life preservers are more focused on dragging the wreckage across the rocky bottom of Lake Huron.

Harbaugh is no Gordon Lightfoot. His swan song about a trip going horribly wrong will not be a folk classic. It's just too damn cringeworthy to revisit over and over again.