Did You Hear the Los Angeles Chargers Are Going to the AFC Championship Game This Year?

Donte Whitner made the bold claim on 'Up & Adams.'
Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Jim Harbaugh loves his new job as head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. He more than earned another chance at conquering the NFL after taking the Michigan Wolverines to three consecutive College Football Playoffs and capturing the whole damn thing a few months ago. Justin Herbert, one of the most skilled quarterbacks on the planet, is now at his disposal and it would not surprise anyone if he improves on the 5-12 record that brought upon Brandon Staley's ouster.

Former Pro Bowl safety Donte Whitner thinks Harbaugh will do much better than that. On Up & Adams Monday morning, Whitner boldly claimed that the Chargers will play in the next AFC Championship Game.

When asked why this could possibly be the case, Whitner trotted out the ol' Quarterback Whisperer line. Which sounds like it could be something but sort of falls apart when you realize Harbaugh had a hell of a lot of quarterbacks between successfully whispering to Colin Kaepernick and J.J. McCarthy. He also mentions the running game without mentioning that Austin Ekler is no longer with the Chargers.

But did you forget about the Chargers' defense? The one that was 24th in the NFL last year in points allowed per game, 30th in passing defense, and also completely average against the run? They also have that, too.

Look, it's sports. Whitner could look like a genius here. For now it's just someone saying stuff.