Jim Boeheim Went on a Bizarre Rant About People Complaining on Radio Call-In Shows Not Buying Tickets

Wake Forest v Syracuse
Wake Forest v Syracuse / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

Syracuse beat Wake Forest in their regular season finale on Sunday, 72-63. After finishing the regular season with a 17-14 record, they will now face Wake Forest again in the first round of the ACC Tournament on Wednesday. It hasn't been a great season for the Orange. Most of them haven't been in the twilight of coach Jim Boeheim's career. Despite the win, Boeheim kept true to his ornery self by getting mad at people who call in to radio shows in a bizarre rant about who buys season tickets.

“The fans here, they’re not the ones calling the radio show. Not one fan that was here tonight calls any radio show. The people that call the radio shows do not come to games. They don’t have season tickets. The only way they come is if someone gives them a ticket. This reflects what our fanbase thinks of our program. We had not a great season. About what people thought, probably, that predict things like this. I don't. What were here today? 24,500 people. 24,500 people. And you think that people are upset with our program? Yeah, they’re upset, the ones sitting home calling. That’s who’s upset. Do I want to do better? Yeah, we want to do better. But the people that show up tell you whether you have support or not. Not who calls on the radio.”

Man... what? The 24,500 people who stayed the entire time were there to see Hakim Warrick and Gerry McNamara have their jerseys retired as the school honored the 20th anniversary of the Carmelo Anthony-led team that won the NCAA Tournament.

Why are you complaining about people calling into radio shows in 2023? Shouldn't Boeheim have moved on to complaining about people on Twitter and snarky bloggers in their parents' basements in Casenovia and Manlius by now? I bet someone who owns season tickets has said they were disappointed in the direction of program on Facebook this season. What does it matter who is complaining, or where they're doing it if we all agree there's something to complain about?

Barring a Cinderella run through the ACC Tournament, Syracuse will miss the NCAA Tournament for the fifth time in nine years. If you've got a problem with that, call someone who cares.