Jets Offense is Garbage Thanks to Offensive-Minded Head Coach Adam Gase

New York Jets v New York Giants
New York Jets v New York Giants / Elsa/Getty Images

They say stats don't lie.

My guess is Jets head coach Adam Gase wishes they did.

Following the Jets' embarrassing offensive performance against the Patriots in a 30-14 loss at home, some startling statistics surfaced around the Jets. The most unsettling of all? Through 16 quarters of football, the Jets defense (14 points) AND special teams (11 points) have scored more points than their offense (8 points).

That's about as bad as it gets.

Despite Gase, who made his way up the ranks as a quarterbacks and wide receivers coach, an offensive assistant and then offensive coordinator, leading the Jets as their head coach, New York has managed one offensive touchdown this year--a receiving touchdown by LeVeon Bell in Week 1. Against the Patriots, the team's offense averaged 2.2 yards per play and and didn't convert a first down in a dozen tries.

Sure, quarterback Sam Darnold being out with mono has hurt the last two weeks, but that's when your head coach needs to shine, especially if that coach is of the offensive mind. He's gotta get creative and come up with ways to get his playmakers in the open field. Gase hasn't done that.

Against the Pats, Bell was held to 63 total yards, QB Luke Falk threw for 98 yards and their leading receiver was Braxton Berrios with 29 yards. That's embarrassing.

It's only been three games, but the warning signs are there. The Jets defense has one more touchdown than their offense and their special teams has the same number. They haven't done anything creative and their top playmakers are being bottled up. It's very similar to what happened with Gase as the head coach of the Dolphins last year, when they went 0-3 to finish the season and scored a total of 41 points during that time.

Of course, Jets fans might think that's a good thing considering they've scored 33 points total this season, and as we already know, most of those points didn't come from the offense anyway.