Jets Message Thanking Zach Wilson Was Perfectly Fine

Sports fans had jokes, but then again, don't they always?
Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The New York Jets dealt Zach Wilson to the Denver Broncos on Tuesday, ending the quarterback's run with the franchise that had hoped he was the long-term answer under center. After all the requisite paperwork was filled out, the team's social media team sent a completely harmless and downright nice tweet out thanking him for his service.

And you are not going to believe this, but sports fans had ... well, they had jokes. You can read them any number of websites that codified and amplified the humorous musings. The general consensus was thank you for what?

The sports fans just continued to make the same joke over and over and over again, hammering the same point. As if we all didn't previously realize Wilson's tenure with the Jets was not exactly what they wanted given the use of a No. 2 overall pick to get him. This was particularly low-hanging fruit and everyone wanted to make sure they got a slice.

With full awareness that this probably sounds pretty stupid and lame, here goes: I don't completely understand this shift in content and find it a bit depressing. The Jets were just heeding Thumper's mom's advice and saying something kind instead of saying nothing at all. Which is fine. It's perfectly fine that they said a classy farewell to a player who didn't work out. They weren't going to roast him on the way out the door and anyone who seems to think they would isn't living in the real world. There are real-world considerations at play and it's beneficial for the Jets to present themselves as an organization who is going to handle these types of disappointments with care.

At its core the entire enterprise is quite meaningless. There's no reason the Jets should have to say anything at all about Wilson leaving on social media. But they're paying people to make content and no content is never enough so here's a picture with some words on it. No one is going to engage with it with any sincerity but hey that's more joke content.

And around and around we go like Groundhog Day.