Mike Greenberg Wants Jets to 'Beg' Vikings For Kirk Cousins Because Zach Wilson 'Is Not an NFL Quarterback'

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Mike Greenberg has been living out the worst parts of his New York Jets fandom in front of the camera every morning on Get Up since Aaron Rodgers' season-ending injury. After he spent all summer visibly bubbling over with excitement he now gets to arrive to the set each Monday with a grim take on the state of his favorite team. Yesterday marked New York's first full game with Zach Wilson under center. They lost to the Dallas Cowboys, 30-10. And Greeny was locked and loaded.

He ranted that Wilson is "not an NFL quarterback" and the Jets cannot get away with starting an NFL quarterback against the league's top defenses before proclaiming New York needs to "beg" the Minnesota Vikings for Kirk Cousins immediately.

Despite being under contract Cousins was a popular suggestion to replace Rodgers because he is effectively a free agent after this year. Since he didn't sign an extension last offseason many are assuming the Vikings would like to move on, and if they're willing to do it in six months then why not do it right now if the Jets are willing to make a deal?

It makes a certain amount of sense in the cold vacuum of sports logic but that's not where NFL executives live all the time. Minnesota might not want to sign Cousins to a long-term deal after this season but that doesn't mean they're eager to punt on this year when the NFC North is truly wide-open for the first time in decades. They could be enticed to do so if the Jets were offering up quality assets, but that is the other problem-- New York isn't exactly awash in draft capital after trading for Rodgers in the first place. They still have their 2024 first-round pick but it is worth questioning if the Vikings would ship out Cousins in exchange for what would likely end up a mid-to-late first-rounder.

Of course, if the Jets were down so bad they literally begged for Cousins then the Vikings could take them to the cleaners and get a great deal. Greenberg might be onto something.